First Blog Post

If you wait until everything is right before you start something... you'll never do anything.   Nike got it right.  JUST DO IT.

It took me forever to get my website done because I had all these ideas on how I wanted it done perfectly and then months, turned into years, and I didn't get it done until recently.   Alicia Dunams had a great quote...  "My book that you may not like is better than the book you never wrote."   So many people say they will write a book or screenplay...    so many say they will create a huge project... all talk, no walk.  Its so easy to be a critic... so few take the risk to to learn and grow while making mistakes. 

The best way to take a step in the direction of a big project you want to finish is to plan it out and JUST DO IT.   JUST START.   Don't take too long in starting or you will never do it.  I've always wanted to start a blog and I thought about how I wanted it.  I realized, I'm just going to write.  Just write consistently and learn and grow.   And I'm excited.  

This is my first blog post of many to come.