The Youtube/FB Reality Check. Maybe Your ish is Whack.

Sometimes people make excuses that the reason why they haven't made it is because the color of their skin.   As an Asian American who has faced discrimination and has been called CHINK for no reason, I would say this DEFINITELY comes into play on a daily basis.   However, the internet has provided the greatest social litmus test in history.  Yeah, your friends might say you're a great singer because you can belt it out and get 99's at NRB/Karaoke.   Yeah, you might make your friends laugh when you're in a specific setting and your face is ruddy from the afterglow of two Jameson on the rocks.  But the truth always comes out after time and you'll realize... Maybe your ish is Whack.

For those who don't understand... what it means is... If your ish is dope, the majority will share it.  If its ok... then  some will share it.  If its whack, it will hover around a few hundred or few thousand views before it dies.   There is honor in trying and for those who understand there are no failures, only lessons and you go back to the lab; go back to the gym, and keep getting better...  

The reason why I know I'm just a good comedian... not great... is my videos will go up to around 100K views and then just fade out...   to be great is to be like Russell Peters... where his videos go viral  (one million+)  and its undeniably dope.

Some Asian rappers think they're dope and when you hear their freestyle, their like  "Ra cha chat chat with my gat in your back and I take my bat and beat up yo cat... nah I'm sayin... I don't know what I'm sayin... but y'no what I'm sayin??? "  and when their video reaches 80 Total views, they say "Man, its bc I'm Asian...  " Nah fool... Its because you're Wack.

For everyone who puts themselves out there and is willing to fail... I give you my utmost respect.  You're a winner compared to those who live in the black hole of regret their entire lives and are never willing to fail.    But part of being willing to fail is ACCEPTING the fact that not everything you do will be great.   Total # of views doesn't determine that... but its definitely a part of the equation.   Youtube is taking over TV and Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.  

Chiggidy Check yo self b4 you riggidy wreck yo self.    

Keep Swinging that bat until you hit a homerun!   I WILL NEVER STOP SWINGING THAT BAT YO!!!   Who's with me???